The Gents Watch Choice

It is often possible to tell what a man is like just by looking at his watch.  Some men like to define their position in society and demonstrate their personality by showing off a beautiful timepiece.

Of course apart from the reasons mentioned above there are many reasons for owning a good gents watch. The fact that you can use to tell the time sometimes is merely a secondary benefit.

Many watches display time in units of less than a second and a lot will also give you the correct date. A built-in feature on many good watches are especially useful to travellers is the alarm.

Sports watches are those that tend to be slightly more complicated and will normally have a built-in stop watch. A slightly quirky watch might even have a display of the lunar phase.

Let us examine the properties of each watch in turn:

One of the earliest watches was the chronograph. This is another watch that can keep good time at the same time act as a stopwatch . The watch face may contain many dials displaying different units. The most common dials will be those for hours minutes and seconds with some having measurements of distance and speed.

Especially popular with men are the automatic type of watch, as they do not have to remember to wind them and you do not have to keep buying new batteries.

The watch that can have a very specific use is the diver’s watch as would be suggested by the title is designed to be used underwater. The watch innards can be protected up to some serious depths varying from 200 m to 300 m.

Look here at some divers watches examples.

How does one choose the correct watch for a man?

It will certainly be helpful if you have some knowledge of the man’s background, his likes, his tastes and his interests, as these are all factors which can be taken into consideration when purchasing a watch.

The guy sitting at the manager’s desk will probably be quite at home wearing a dress watch. These are classy watches designed to shout about the quality. Gold silver and platinum are often used in the making of these watches. You might find these dress watches here of some interest to you.

But the man who likes to work out has the option of a sport watch which can monitor is heart rate, as well is telling him the time to stop.

For the nerd there is a computerised wristwatch which can have an inbuilt minicomputer with calculator and calendar as its functions.

Having chosen the type of watch, make sure you also choose one with the right strap. Choose the strap that will enhance the face of the watch if possible, but be aware that some men might prefer leather to metal and vice versa.

To make it easier for you we have suggested a choice range of gents watches you might like to consider in the following watch categories:-

Chronograph Watches

Clip-On Watches

Dive Watches

Divers Watches

Dress Watches

E-Ink Watches

Fashion Watches

GPS Watches

LED Watches

Pocket Watches

Skeleton Watches

Sports Watches

Look here for a good selection of gents watches

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