How do you set about choosing your Gents Rolex Watch?

You first need to decide exactly what it is that you want from your watch ? Do you want a classic and stylish but functional everyday watch or do you require a watch that can be safely worn down into the depths of the ocean? Whichever type you want Rolex have got the perfict timepiece for you.

Rolex Submariner Black Index Dial Oyster Bracelet Gents Watch 116613BKSO imageFor those that enjoy diving then Rolex have perfection in their Seamaster Range

It can adorn the wrist in its rugged elegance at the dinner table and look just as smart on the wrist of an proffesional scuba diver emerging from the depths. They are water resistant to a depth of 100 Metres and very robust, whilst retaiming a look that would grace the most eminent wrist, even if it is larger than the classical Datejust . It is one of the true icons of the watch world.

If you want something that you will take you to whatever depths you desire why not try the Rolex Deepsea which will withstand the collosal pressures that exist at 1200feet !!

The Gents Rolex watch that has outsold all others, and is a supreme example of simple timeless elegance, is the Datejust. It came into being in 1945 and is the most copied watch in the world being the first watch to sport a date on its dial.

It has been seen on the wrists of both presidents and prime ministers and its appeal is undiminished today. This was the Rolex flagship until the advent of the Day-Date which is followed by the new Rolex Datejust 2 .

The new Datejust ll is a little bigger than the original but still maintains its classic good looks.

It is not by accident that Rolex has been the leading maker and certainly the most famous manufacturer of superior watches and is not intending to hand over that mantle anytime soon.It still builds watches that look exquisite are extemely durable but above all maintain a high degree of accuracy.

When you are thinking about purchasing your Rolex Watch and whilst you are eagerly anticipating having it on your wrist, you might also worry that you might be sold something that is not a real Rolex.

The way to avoid this type of fear is to purchase from a trusted source so that if there is a dispute in the future then you can be sure that your investment is safe.
So your first rule must be to buy the seller first because if you have confidence in the seller then you have peace of mind.

If you know the seller is ligitimate then your purchase will be too.

Also go by the old addage that if it is too good to be true then it probably is.

When you are through choosing your Rolex watch , pay for your watch with a credit card or perhaps Paypal, as you have a backup guarantee if something should go wrong.

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